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Reliable Roof Repair in Syracuse, NY 

When your suspect a leak or roof damage, give us a call! 

Maintaining a home or business property can often be overwhelming. There are so many different concerns you must try and keep track of that often, things slip through the cracks. We don’t want you to deal with a massive new roof installation because a minor problem was missed in the past. Instead, give our team at CNY Commercial & Residential Construction a call to handle your roof repair Syracuse, NY problems. 


Our trained and professional repair experts will carefully examine every detail of your roof, from any material needs to how it reacts to the various weather conditions in Syracuse. With more than 20 years of experience working with both residential and commercial properties, we have the knowledge you need for quality roof repair.  

Time to Remodel your Bathroom?

roof repair syracuse ny

We will send one of our experienced team members to walk you through every step of our roof repair process. That way, you are well informed of any concerns or issues that may pop up long before we begin. We at CNY Commercial & Residential Construction believe one of the best ways to ensure good customer service is through open and clear communication. 


We are an independently owned local company that understands the unique weather systems and conditions in the Syracuse area. We know how to manage different roof material concerns for the hot sun, high winds, and annual snowfall. No matter what time of year, we are here to help you through any roof repairs. 

Regular Roof Maintenance You Can Count On 

roof repair syracuse ny

Part of our roof repair Syracuse, NY services include regular roofing maintenance. This is the best way to prevent those common roof repair needs due to water leaks, extreme winds, and normal wear and tear from age. We will conduct a “walk around” assessment of your roofing situation, including visual inspections, to note any problem areas you may need to address in the future.  


We always remind our clients that the final decision is entirely up to you. We offer our expert opinions and leave the decision-making to you. This empowers our clients to handle those “must manage” situations quickly and then save up in case larger projects are required down the road.  

The cost of roof repair varies widely based on the size, type of roof, what damage has been done, and other factors. While some projects can be put off for a little while, an excellent way to ensure you avoid even higher expenses down the road is to address as many of the roof repairs needed as possible in the short term.  

Start with a Free Roof Repair Estimate 

We encourage you to take a closer look at your roof at least once a year. Check for any storm damage, clogged gutters, sagging, blistering, damaged shingles, or any other roof components that look worn down. The sooner you can fix these issues, the longer your roof will last, and the more money you'll save in the long run.  


Our team has worked on everything from commercial flat roofs to multiunit homes with traditional shingles or metal high-pitched projects. That range of experience is why we have such a stellar reputation for roof repair Syracuse, NY projects.  


Everything begins with a 100% free, no-obligation estimate of the costs, time, and materials needed to perform your roof repairs. At CNY Commercial & Residential Construction, we think it is always good to get a few estimates so you can work within your budget. As most of our business is from our growing list of return and referral clients, we are confident you will choose our professional team for your needs. 


With more than 20 years of serving the greater Syracuse community, we at CNY Commercial & Residential Construction look forward to handling your roof repair situation. Give us a call today, and let’s schedule a time to talk about how our certified professionals can help you.

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